Why join the NZPA

The NZPA has a nationwide network of members from councils, car park operators, suppliers and technology experts. We exist to provide support and knowledge sharing through the wealth of experience of our members. We also keep members up-to-date with the latest law changes, technological trends and news in parking.

The NZPA is governed by our constitution and rules and has an Executive Committee that works closely with government representatives to lobby for changes in legislation to help in parking management. We are a source of information to enable members to be aware of their obligations in respect to the law when enforcing and managing parking.

Benefits include: 

  • Access to the members section of the NZPA website for relevant industry legal opinions and case studies
  • Influence with decision makers including government
  • Forum for networking/contact and discussion with other professionals
  • Knowledge of industry news, views and technical advice and support
  • Opportunities for networking, exhibiting new industry products and training
  • Access to the latest trade information and products
  • Employment opportunities 

Our directory includes training providers who supply services to councils to ensure that their employees are trained to a professional level.

Annual NZPA conference

The annual NZPA conference allows members to hear from industry experts, get familiar and updated with the latest trends in parking, and the opportunity to network with other members.  

Speakers are sourced to present topics that are informative and beneficial to members. Changes in legislation are reviewed and discussed; and members have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and other exhibitors. We invite trade exhibitors to display and promote their products and services.

How to Join the NZPA 

Annual membership (which includes your entire organisation or business) costs $350 + GST. If you would like to join the New Zealand Parking Association please complete the membership application form by clicking here.